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SGF di Bagni Gianfranco is born in 1992, it  is continually expanding and always looking for new technical solutions to improve the efficiencies of the machines constructed, and to be always more competitive in the textile industry, in particular that of hosiery.
In a few years SGF has been able to establish themselves over the market thus gaining the confidence of the biggest Italian and global hosiery’s leader, who could find an open company always ready to new exclusive projects to create together.
Its most important advantages are:

  • The uniqueness of its every single machine that is personalised for the costumer.
  • The practicality of the machines that are designed specifically to be simple and efficiencies to anyone who will use them.
  • The assistance to the costumer who is followed in every phases, from the sale to and the installation at its premise, to the supply of spare parts.

In this website you can find just a few machines that SGF produces, so we would like to remind you that if you have special needs and no one of this machine can satisfy them, it’s easy if you contact us for a personalised, unique and efficiency machine that is cut out for you!

SGF di Bagni Gianfranco - Realizzazione di macchine per il confezionamento e lo stiro a caldo e/o a vapore di articoli tessili e non.
P.Iva: 03190810170 - Via Industriale 8/a - Ghedi (Brescia) - Tel 030.9050970 - info@sgfautomazioni.it